9 Must Have Android Apps 2016 Kenya

Last week I dove into the dip end of a swimming pool and swam under water to the other end. Its a good feeling, I felt like an Olympic athlete. Poor phone though, it was in my pocket the whole time and I didn’t even realize it. Well, now I got a new phone and decided to write about the 9 must have android apps in your phone. I have not included social media apps as everyone has those.

Video dieter 2  video dieter app icon

Have you ever recorded a video and shared it to your friends and then realized just how big the file is. Your friends end up not downloading it because it’s too big, taking way much time downloading and using up their precious data bundles. You share it on Instagram but it gets little likes since no one is actually watching it as its taking forever to load. This is where video dieter comes in. This app compresses the videos to a fraction of the size while still maintaining the clarity. Say a videos was 60 MBs,  it compresses it to less than 10 MBs. That way, sharing it is easy plus it saves your phone memory.

Branch branch app icon

This one is a life saver. It is basically a loan app. What makes this my best loan app is that it is so easy to use and does not ask you a million questions before you qualify for a loan. It simply uses your Facebook profile to determine whether you qualify for a loan. Personally, the first time I used it I qualified for a 1000 Ksh Loan repayable in four weeks. After I replayed it, I qualified to get 2000 Ksh. It went on and on like that. Now you can guess how much I qualify far by the fact that I have been using it for the past one year.

Safaricom M-Ledger safaricom m-ledger app

I cannot imagine my life without this app. It is a ledger for all your M-Pesa transactions.  It can do basically anything you want it to. You want to know all the money you have sent your friend  over the past year? Click. You want it to show you a bar graph or pie chart of all your transactions, tap. You want it to arrange your transaction (sent or received) in alphabetical order or in order of amount transacted, tap. You want to know a pay bill number of a certain business, tap. You want to know the USSD code of a certain bank, tap. You want to track down a certain transaction you did on a certain date or to/from a certain person, tap. Now you see why it is in the list of must have android apps?

Adobe Acrobat adobe acrobat app icon

Most of the phones come with this app pre-installed. If your phone does not come with it, then you butter download it fast. For those who do not know what Adobe Reader does, it reads PDF files. If you get the full version, it can convert PDF to word and vice versa and all these other functions. I usually use it to read E books or any other PDF files. One can change the reading formats depending on the book and even highlight important points.

Opera Max opera max app icon

Most of you have used the opera mini browser on your phones and know it is the best browser if you want to save Internet bundles. But most people do not know about the Opera Max app.  This is definitely a must have android app if you are looking to save internet bundles. All you have to do is open the app and switch on data saving.  All the data that you will use on your Phone afterwards  will automatically be reduced.

G-Cloud back up g-clude app icon

My phones  have been stolen and reset but I never lose my important data. Thanks to this app. It backs up my files on a cloud which I can restore on any other phone I got. You can choose what you want backed up from contacts, images, videos, music etc. There is a setting which I normally use and it backs up my data automatically whenever I am connected to a WiFi and my phone is charging.

Xender  xender app icon

This app is the same as flash share and the reason I use this…. Is because it came pre-installed in my phone. Otherwise I find no difference between it and flash share. Used to transfer data from one phone to another and it’s super fast, forget Bluetooth. Music of approximately 3 Mbs will take about 1 second to be transferred. You can transfer basically any data, photos, videos, apps, contacts etc. Here is a tip, if you have an app that needs updating and you do not have any Internet to do that and your friend has updated his. Just ask them to send you the same app via xender.  That way you will receive an updated app.

Opera Mini Browser opera mini app icon

This is the best android app for browsing the web cheaply. It uses the least Internet data while still maintaining a good user interface. Here is a tip: have you ever seen a video on the net and wanted to download it to your phone? Happens to me all the time. What I do is visit the same site with that video using Opera Mini. You cannot watch a video on the app so it will give you the option of downloading it and just like that, it’s now on your phone for you to watch it any time and even share.

Evernote evernote app icon

I am actually using this app to write down all this. It’s like having a notebook in the pocket at all times. Type an idea that you have just had on the go and you can review it later. All the notes are saved in a cloud so it can be retrieved even from another device. You can also save images, video clips, sound recordings, hand written notes. It is probably the best note app out there.



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