The Bar Chef Mojitos Lounge

The Bar Chef Mojitos Lounge, this joint is becoming the biggest ‘local bar’ in Roysambu area. There is a reason I put that in quotes. This joint is one I have been frequenting for about a year now. It is not like any other local bar, it serves cocktails with Mojito being their main cocktail. For those of you who do not know what a Mojito is, it is originally a Cuban drink. The basic recipe is white rum, mint leaves, lemon/lime, ice cubes and sugar. A mojito in any other club or restaurant is normally not less than 400 KES. Here you get a mojito for as low as 200/- and other cocktails for as low as 100/- plus, it tastes better than most of the expensive Mojitos I have taken previously.

bar chef mojitos lounge
A classic mojito served in a Collins glass

A brief history as I was told by a trusted source is that it started as a small joint, the size of a wines and spirits shop but the unique thing is that they were making cocktails. The USIU students and Roysambu residents quickly grew to love the new concept and within no time, the small joint with no sitting space was becoming full….on the outside. People did not mind sitting along the corridors and stair cases as long as they had their Mojito. Soon after, they were given an eviction notice by the owner of the apartment they had rented a space. They had to find a new location fast and still needed to retain their customers. That’s when they moved to the place they are currently located. This was a huge blow since they lost most of the customers. It was a bigger space but people just did not feel the new location and most did not even know about the new location.

This is about the time I started visiting Bar chef mojito’s lounge, most people just call it Mojito’s.  It was at its lowest. There are times I would go there for some drinks and get like three clients in the house. I am a guy who likes quality and when I get it I stick to it. So this became my new local. I have introduced like all my friends to this joint and none has disliked it. So after some time now the place has regained its lost glory and even surpassed it. I am even ashamed of calling it a local any more. There are DJ nights every Friday and Saturdays which get so full both on the inside and a tent that is just beside it. The last Friday I was there, tables were set even outside at the entrance. Talk about a turn around.

Bar Chef Mojitos Lounge
Mojitos lined up, prepared by Sam (BarsKenya)

I was having a talk with the bar owner the other day who by the way can make any cocktail you can think about. As a hospitality person myself, I have tested him. I came to know he was the first mixologist in Kenya to have dreadlocks and work in the hospitality industry, and I am talking five star hotels here. In an industry governed by strict rules of having to get a clean shave and then accepting a guy with some nutty dread locks…damn, this nigga must have been good. He runs the business with the wife, who is also bad ass in making cocktails. Check out this link on her. He mentioned that soon, he will soon be introducing free jelly shots every weekend for everyone getting in. How about that? There is no stopping this guy.



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