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Just the other day while at work,this guy walks in the hotel with a parcel. He is just a messenger and was instructed to leave the parcel at a hotel that is opposite building x. The guy was by all means right to be in the hotel asking whether we were expecting any parcel. ‘not that i know of’ i tell him still trying to ask what exactly he was told by the person who sent him. ‘niliambiwa hoteli iko opposite ile nyumba‘. To cut the long story short, he was actually being directed to a restaurant opposite the said building. It got me thinking of just how we Kenyans misuse names. Most of us do not know the difference between a hotel, restaurant, bar, pub, night club and lounge.

How many kibandas selling food have you seen with the name hotel, or a small pub with the name club, or better yet a place called lounge and you sitting on stools. The other day i had difficulties in choosing a place to go for a weekend getaway, away from the city, reason…most of the places that had the names ‘game lodge’ in them did not have game(wild animals) in them, unless a cat is a wild animal nowadays!
As a person who is in the hospitality and tourism industry, this is really annoying. Isn’t there a government body or something that regulates how businesses are named? Some of you might genuinely not know the difference between all these so let me help you out here.


This is an establishment providing accommodation, meals and other services. Have you noted the two key words? Those two services must be there for a place to be named a hotel. Hotels will vary depending on the kind of services they offer and that is how they are categorized on star ratings.

Know the difference


Which is originally a french word by the way, is a business that prepares and serves food and beverage. Most ‘hotelis‘ in Kenya fall under this category. Restaurants will also be classified in stars or the type of cuisines they offer

Know the difference


This is a place or counter licensed to serve alcoholic beverages. So, someone can have a restaurant with a bar counter at the corner.

Know the difference


The word pub originated from ‘public house’. A house open to the public. They serve alcoholic drinks and some might also have some biting. Usually, pubs will have soft music or non at all and the clientele is normally people from the neighborhood.

Know the difference


It can also be known as a discotheque. What separates this from pubs, bars and the rest is that they operate till late nights with most going the whole night. Also, they have dance floors, DJ booths, sophisticated music systems, lighting and effects. Music and dancing is the main activity. Most people will start their night at a pub with drinks and later go to a night club where they spend the rest of the night.

Know the difference


This is basically a comfortable place for relaxing. The key word is comfort. There is no way you are going to have a place with stools only and call it a lounge.

Know the difference

With that, hope that you now know the difference.



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