Nairobi-Mombasa Bus Travel Choices

The other day I had an opportunity to travel to Mombasa. Transportation and accommodation require the most planning. I had accommodation sorted out by a friend staying there, who offered me a place at her house. This was after spending a considerable amount of time going through accommodation choices in Airbnb. The next thing to sort out was the means of getting to that house in Mombasa. I was travelling on a budget so a flight was not an option. I would have afforded Jumbo Jet, which was going for about 4000 Ksh at the time but I wanted to have enough money left over for booze and other goodies that I would find there. I was to travel by bus.

Obviously as any normal person does nowadays, I pressed the power button on my phone, unlocked the screen, opened the browser and did a number of Google searches,

‘nairobi-mombasa bus travel’

‘best bus to travel to Mombasa’,

‘best, safe bus to Mombasa’

‘best and cheapest bus to Mombasa’

I have to say I was disappointed at the end of all those searches. There is no much information online about bus travel in Kenya.  I hoped that I would be able to see reviews and probably even make a booking online but I just did not trust the online bookings I came across.

Here is what I found out on Nairobi-Mombasa Bus Travel

  1. Modern Coast has the best website. I could actually make a booking online; book the seat I liked just like flight bookings, and make payment online. This is a BIG plus to Modern Coast. Other websites only had the bus schedules and prices. This is not enough in this age. I should be able to do most of the things online.

    nirobi-mombasa bus travel
  2. Coast Bus had the best reviews online, that is among the few reviews I could find. I never used it so I cannot confirm that. However, the bus I saw on my departure day that was to leave at 1300 Hrs was so old. I could not imagine myself travelling for over 8 hours in that. On the other hand,

    nairobi-mombasa coast bus

Modern Coast was high on bad reviews especially with customer care and speeding issues. I guess they must have damn good drivers if they over speed and we never hear accidents from them.

  1. There are a couple of online booking companies, which I came across. That is and They both seemed legit though so I called coast bus to inquire about booking via an online company. The representative I spoke to did not seem to have any clue what an online booking is let alone booknow or busbud. This is not to mean that they are not legit companies, I am sure some people have booked through them successfully as I saw on their Facebook pages. Maybe they just have not yet made a big impact in the bus industry.

More tips you could use.

  1. If you want a new bus, book a late night bus. The old buses usually travel during the day and early night. If possible, take a late night bus that is from 2200 Hrs.
  2. Apparently, Mash Poa does not accept payment via credit card. That is from the booking I made to travel back to Nairobi from Mombasa. Mash, I really liked your buses and drivers but you are being left behind. Modern Coast is already accepting online payment. You should up your game.

    nairobi-mombasa bus travel
  3. If you are in a hurry to get to the coast or back, there are mini vans that offer those services. Mainly Toyota Voxys and Noahs carrying 7 passengers and some 5. They can be a bit uncomfortable for the long journey but be sure to get to your destination 3 to 4 hours earlier than a bus departing the same time.

There are bus companies I have not touched on since getting any info about them online was hard. They are however, considered good.  These are Spanish Coach, Tahmeed and Bus Car.

Bus Car. Nairobi-mombasa bus travel

Hope this info on Nairobi-Mombasa bus travel was helpful and you can always contact me here for any queries.




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