Don’t Be Left Out On The Nairobi Pizza Festival

Hey there people, Someone once said that Italian cuisine is the best in the world. Reason, One gets cravings for Italian food like pizza, lasagna, spaghetti bolognaise (spaghetti with meat balls/mince meat) but one hardly gets cravings for other cuisines. I love the french cuisine, their pastries specifically but there ain’t no time I have ever craved for a croissant. I love my African dishes so much but…I will choose pizza over githeri (beans and maize) or ugali and fish any day. I don’t know about you guys!! So, to all the pizza lovers there is great news for you, Nairobi Pizza Festival.

Say What Now?? Some may be wondering.

1. When is it happening?

Nairobi Pizza Festival will start on the 5th of October 2015 to the 09th of October 2015. That is a full five days of 2 for 1 pizza offer. Even better, this offer will run hand in hand with a 2 for 1 beer offer. How great is that? The catch here is that you have to buy the pizza offer if you want to get the beer one. Not just any beer, Carlsberg.

Nairobi pizza festival
Carlsberg-Beer (1)

2. How do I get this offer?

Easy, Just download your free pizza fest passport and present it at the restaurants which will be participating in this offer. You can save it on your phone or print it out in case you were wondering. If you will be a group, each one of you does not have to show the fest passport. And if you prefer to have it at home, Dominos and Naked Pizza will be having deliveries.

3. Which are these participating restaurants?

a) Art Caffe (Galeria, Garden City, Gigiri, Junction, Karen, Lavington, Oval, Thika, West gate, Yaya Centre,)

pizza fest
art cafe

b) Asmara

pizza fest

c) Carnivore

Pizza Festival

d) Corner Affair Bistro

pizza random 2 (1)

e) Lucca – Villa Rosa


f) Mambo Italia

mambo italia
mambo italia

g) Mediterranio

pizza random 1 (1)

h) Naked Pizza

pizza fest
naked pizza

i) Pink Pizza

pizza2 (2)
pizza2 (2)

j) Pizza Mojo

pizza festival
pizza mojo

k) Pomodoro

pomodoro trip adv (1)

l) Que Passa Bar and Bistro

pizza random 1 (1)

m) Roberto’s restaurant


n) The Daily at Urban Eatery

o) Thorn Tree Cafe – The Sarova Stanley

nairobi pizza festival
thorn tree cafe

p) Zen Garden

zen garden-zen garden

q) Dominos

nairobi pizza festival

This is thanks to Carlsberg, Capital Fm, Yammy Magazine and Eat Out.

Do not miss out.



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